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Flag Football

Since its inception in 1994, Flag  Football has been a continually growing sport for youth and adults! With over 500,000 in NFL Flag today, it has helped developed skills in leadership, team organization, accountability, and much more! It has also provided a pathway for female athletes to compete in college as well as for tackle football athletes to further develop in the off-season. With one mission in mind, Capstone looks to provide further opportunities for athletes to compete locally, regionally, and nationally at all levels!

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Flag Football Players
Flag Football Player

Birth-year 2009 or younger


This flag football program is to provide a foundation in speed, agility, and individual skills on the field. Classes will introduce players to foundational principles of flag football such as; offense, defense, throwing, catching, and flag pulling. Along with adding challenges, competitions and game components of flag football, such as 1vs1s offense and defense, and games in a fun way to help them further their skills in the sport itself. 

Flag Football Running Back

Birth-year 2007 or younger


For athletes with a desire to take the leap into regional/national tournaments, this program is designed to build a stronger foundation of flag football strength, speed and conditioning movement patterns, with a strong focus on injury prevention. Competitions, games and further flag football principles will be introduced to increase creativity, awareness, and overall resilience on the field. 

Flag Football Players

Birth-year 2004 or younger 


For the busy life of a high school athlete, this program is designed to focus on flag football strength, power, acceleration, top speed, and change of direction/agility on a daily basis. Not only will this program test the mental and physical toughness of our athletes, but it is a great resource for understanding how to maintain your body for optimal performance and injury prevention. Our athletes will compete in local, regional, and nationally recognized tournaments to introduce the possibility for college recruitment!


5 Session Package

This package is 5 sessions with a 45-day expiration upon first visit.*

5 Session Team

This package is 5 sessions with a 45-day expiration upon first visit.*

2-8 Athletes

Small Group Training

April 4th & 6th, 2023
Larry Graves Park
300 Hillwood Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046


Ages: 2015-2014

Designed to introduce youth athletes to the game of flag football in a fun and engaging way! Focusing on the fundamentals of the game and working as a team!

Ages: 2012-2013

Development of team skills and introduction to skill specific training to enhance an athletes ability to perform in different positions!


Specialization of skill specific positions and further development of leadership, game like scenarios, and football IQ!


Johanna DeGuzman

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Coach Johanna “Joh” DeGuzman has over 10 years of flag football experience in both women’s and coed formats in the FFWCT, UFFL, and AFFL styles.

She is the Captain and Coach of the FFWCT Nationally ranked 8s and 5s Coed team, Waiver Claims. Joh is a dynamic player on offense being able to contribute at every position and is key defensive player at rush and outside line backer. In the women’s circuit, Joh played in the first Women’s National League, Women’s Flag Football Network (WFFN), with the DMV Diamonds. She has made a name for herself in the 5v5 women’s non-contact style as a dual-threat quarterback for VA Elite. VA elite is ranked on the National Level in both FFWCT and UFFL styles.

When Coach Joh is not coaching or playing flag football, she is the Facility Manager at C5T Elite Sports Training in Chantilly, VA and coaches JV/Varsity Field Hockey and Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, VA!

Jeff Cruz

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Coach Jeff Cruz has over 20 years playing and coaching flag football and is still very much involved with the Flag Football community. Jeff is a George Mason University Alumni and was one of the student leaders that started the Filipino Cultural Association’s Annual Turkeybowl tournament in 1998. He is known for helping coach the George Mason University Women's Flag Football teams and leading them to win numerous championships. He was also an assistant coach and social media director for the WFFN DMV Diamonds. 


Today, you can find him playing in the FXA Flag Football League, as well as traveling to various FFWCT and UFFL tournaments across the country. He plays both men’s and coed formats, leading his teams with his creative and methodical offense at the  quarterback position. 

When he is not on the field, he is an Associate program manager for Innovative Defense Technologies and enjoys bowling, golfing and cooking. 


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