For the past 15 years, we've been building the most effective basketball players in the metro area through a diversified training system and specific implementation. We combine individualized athletic skill development, power, strength and speed coaching, all the while cultivating a growth mindset to maximize potential on the court. 

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Grades 3-5


This basketball program is to provide a foundation in speed, power, and individual skills on the court. Classes will introduce players to foundational principles of acceleration, top speed, and change of direction/agility on a daily basis. Along with adding challenges, competitions and game components of Basketball, such as dribbling, defense, rebounding, and games in a fun way to help them further their skills in the sport itself. 


Grades 6-8


For athletes with a desire to take the leap into high school basketball or playing travel basketball, this program is designed to build a stronger foundation of basketball strength, speed and conditioning movement patterns, with a strong focus on injury prevention. Competitions, games and further basketball principles will be introduced to increase creativity, awareness, and overall resilience on the court. 


Grades 9-12


For the busy life of a high school basketball player, this program is designed to focus on basketball strength, power, acceleration, top speed, and change of direction/agility on a daily basis. Not only will this program test the mental and physical toughness of our athletes, but it is a great resource for understanding how to maintain your body for optimal performance and injury prevention. 


5 Session Package

This package is 5 sessions with a 45-day expiration upon first visit.*


*No Contract

5 Session Team

This package is 5 sessions with a 45-day expiration upon first visit.*


*No Contract

2-10 Athletes


Spring Schedule

March 14th - June 11th, 2022

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Spring Schedule Coming Soon!



BRANDON broadnax

Over the past 15 years, Brandon has become one of the top basketball strength and conditioning coaches in the DC Metro area. He’s combined his background as a sprinter at East Carolina, along with his work at the Mike Kryzyzewski Human Performance Laboratory to develop one of the country's top systems for training athletes. Local athletes under Brandon’s direction have achieved numerous local and national awards, including 1 NBA Lottery Pick, 6 NBA, and several overseas professionals, over 50 Division 1 players, 7 McDonald’s All-Americans, and 6 Jordan Brand All-Americans. Brandon continues his outstanding work at perennial powerhouse Paul VI Catholic High School.


CHASE bruggeman

With over 15 years of experience in athletic performance, Chase brings focus, discipline, and advanced expertise to his work with athletes of every level. He prides himself on building greater athletic skills, resilient bodies, confidence, and knowledge in every player to help them reach their peak potential. 

Chase has had the pleasure of working with:

• Towson University’s Men’s Basketball

• Loyola University’s Men’s Basketball

• St. John’s. College HS Men’s Basketball 

Together, Brandon and Chase create a dynamic team grounded in diverse techniques and highly strategic methodology covering all athlete types and levels.